Tuesday, June 10, 2008

OPDAG's Lingerie Issue is under way

We've received lots of great submissions for our dress-a-doll as well as some nice paper dolls for our lingerie/loungewear/sleepwear theme. I'm currently in the scanning/typing stage with takes a loooong time.

To my surprise, our featured artist, Charlotte Krause, sent her cover art in color. Not only is she the first artist to send her cover art in color, she did so being completely unaware of our plans to add the extra color pages. In the past, we would have half-toned the art so it would appear in shades of grey, but now her lovely art can be shown in full color. The two additional color pages will appear on the inside front and back cover to show off some of our colorful theme art submissions.

Dress-a-doll issues are usually extra large, and it will be a challenge to keep this issue at 36 pages. It's an extra expense to add the color pages, so it helps a great deal to keep the page count down. Although, with this issue, it may not be possible.

I'm hoping to go to press in by the end of the month so the issues can get out in the mail early to mid July. Shown here: a dress-a-doll outfit by Laura Snow.