Tuesday, October 23, 2012

2012 is a Big Year for Paper Studio Press!

As I've been working on our Ultra Spectacular Catalog No. 19, I was astonished to realize that 2012 has been the biggest year ever for Paper Studio Press with 18 new titles!

Due for release in November are: Nancy Drew and Her Friends Paper Dolls by Darlene Jones, Merrie Christmas Paper Dolls by David Wolfe and a reproduction of the 1941 Jeanette MacDonald paper doll book. This trio of new books joins the 2012 record-breaking roster of paper doll books including: Carol Channing, Loretta Young, Fun with Grandma, Couture of the '50s, Deco Days Coloring Book, Patti Page, Heavenly Blue Wedding, Couture of the '30s, Steampunk Paper Dolls and Storybook, Veronica Lake, Palette of Paper Dolls, Paper Pals and Mod Pop.

The books are created by leading artists such as Tom Tierney, Jim Howard, David Wolfe, Marilyn Henry, Norma-Lu Meehan, Bruce Patrick Jones, Kwei-lin Lum, Charlotte Whatley and L. Hoerner. It has been a joy and a privilege to work with each of these artists and I'm thankful they've entrusted their work to Paper Studio Press.

In this era of high-tech toys and electronic everything, it is a little surprising to find that a decidedly low-tech, slightly sentimental pastime is having a comeback in popularity. Paper Dolls are back, those charming little printed people with their wardrobes of paper clothes attached to them with tabs. Our Paper Studio Press books, $12-12.95 each plus S&H, are available from paperstudiopress.com, paperdollreview.com, amazon.com, and some titles at turnerclassicmovies.com

Thursday, July 26, 2012

A second Nancy Drew paper doll coming soon!

With enthusiastic encouragement and support from Nancy Drew Fan Club president, Jennifer Fisher, we will soon have a second Nancy Drew paper doll book! Keeping with the same style as the first edition, our talented artist Darlene Jones gives us a new Nancy Drew doll along with her friends Bess, George and Ned. Inspired by storylines and classic book covers from the 1930s to 1960s, there are 25 outfits for shipboard, ranches, ski lodges, college football games, dances and more!

In addition to her invaluable suggestions and guidance throughout the creative process, Jennifer Fisher contributed a wonderful essay about Nancy and her sleuthing sidekicks which appears in the back of the book. Many thanks to Jenn and Darlene for sharing your time and talents in this very special Nancy Drew and Friends Paper Doll book. Published by Paper Studio Press, the book will be released mid-November 2012.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Vintage Fashion Illustration by David Wolfe

As many paper doll fans know, Paper Studio Press artist, David Wolfe, is also a Fashion Trend Forecaster, working for the world's largest, most influential fashion consultancy, based in New York City.

But David had another high profile career in the past. Late in the 1960s he moved to swinging London and became that city's top fashion illustrator throughout the '70s and into the '80s until he returned to America to live and work, leaving illustration behind. During those years he produced high fashion artwork for The London Sunday Times, Women's Wear Daily newspaper, Vogue magazine and many prestigious retailers, including the legendary and history Piccadilly emporium, Fortnum & Mason.

Recently, David acquired a small collection of his original fashion sketches and was kind enough to send me a set of copies. Shown here is one of the full page monthly advertisements from British Vogue, a campaign that lasted over a decade. It features a '20s style cocktail dress by Parisian label, Chloe, then being designed by fashion genius Karl Lagerfeld. For more information about David, visit his Paperdollywood website.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Turner Classic Movies Paper Dolls

I'm excited to announce that the TCM website is carrying three of our Paper Studio Press paper doll books!

In celebration of Doris Day month in April, TCM chose two Doris Day paper dolls (one is the Doris Day Reproduction Paper Doll and the other, created in collaboration with Doris Day herself, is Doris DayPaper Dolls featuring 24 Fashions from Her Films by David Wolfe.

The third title is Western Star Style, which is fantastic, although I'm not sure why TCM chose this particular paper doll for their web store. Perhaps they're planning a western promotion in the future.

Since both TCM and Paper Studio Press are fans of classic movie stars, I'm so glad we now have some products on their website. I hope you'll consider ordering our books directly from TCM in the hopes that they'll add more of our classic star titles. It's a great way to promote the love of paper dolls, glamorous stars and classic movies.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Robert Goulet Greeting Cards

While working on our Phyllis McGuire paper doll book, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Vera Goulet, widow of legendary performer, Robert Goulet. Artist David Wolfe and I were treated to an elegant dinner at The Bellagio hosted by Miss McGuire, and to our surprise one of the dinner guests was Vera Goulet. It was an extraordinary evening to say the least, and the beauty and grace of Vera Goulet will always hold a special place in my heart.

To honor her husband's memory and remarkable music career, Vera has created a greeting card website with wonderfully sentimental e-cards featuring the songs of Robert Goulet, including some which have never been released.