Thursday, March 29, 2012

Turner Classic Movies Paper Dolls

I'm excited to announce that the TCM website is carrying three of our Paper Studio Press paper doll books!

In celebration of Doris Day month in April, TCM chose two Doris Day paper dolls (one is the Doris Day Reproduction Paper Doll and the other, created in collaboration with Doris Day herself, is Doris DayPaper Dolls featuring 24 Fashions from Her Films by David Wolfe.

The third title is Western Star Style, which is fantastic, although I'm not sure why TCM chose this particular paper doll for their web store. Perhaps they're planning a western promotion in the future.

Since both TCM and Paper Studio Press are fans of classic movie stars, I'm so glad we now have some products on their website. I hope you'll consider ordering our books directly from TCM in the hopes that they'll add more of our classic star titles. It's a great way to promote the love of paper dolls, glamorous stars and classic movies.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Robert Goulet Greeting Cards

While working on our Phyllis McGuire paper doll book, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Vera Goulet, widow of legendary performer, Robert Goulet. Artist David Wolfe and I were treated to an elegant dinner at The Bellagio hosted by Miss McGuire, and to our surprise one of the dinner guests was Vera Goulet. It was an extraordinary evening to say the least, and the beauty and grace of Vera Goulet will always hold a special place in my heart.

To honor her husband's memory and remarkable music career, Vera has created a greeting card website with wonderfully sentimental e-cards featuring the songs of Robert Goulet, including some which have never been released.