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Paper Doll Magazines Spotlight the 1940s, Antique Brides, Grace Kelly, Whitman Publishing, Comic Paper Dolls and More!

Our Newest Paper Doll Magazines!

Our specialty magazines are the perfect way to learn about paper dolls and fashion history, explore nostalgic topics, discover new paper doll artists, and connect with others who love paper dolls as much as you do. Each issue is lovingly produced by a group of wonderful writers and artists, most volunteering their time and talents. 

I encourage you to give these magazines a try! Visit to subscribe and check out tons of back issues. 

OPDAG's Paper Doll Studio Magazine - single issue $8 / 4-issue subscription $28

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OPDAG's Paper Doll Studio Issue 125 - The 1940s

OPDAG's Paper Doll Studio Issue 125 featuring the 1940s

Paper Doll Studio Issue 125 - The dynamic decade of the 1940s is represented in a variety of articles and showcasing more than 40 paper dolls by 30 paper doll artists. Paper dolls on display include classic stars, war-time fashions, pin-up girls and styles of the late ’40s. Plus we've got nearly 60 outfits for our lovely 1940s dress-a-doll! 

Our featured artist is Andrea Smith, who created the 1940s cover paper doll. I think you'll enjoy her charming article in our magazine, and be sure to visit her Stella Marigold Art Etsy Shop. 

The Ultimate Fashion History: The 1940s
Amanda Hallay's Ultimate Fashion History
The 1940s is Amanda Hallay's favorite decade and she happily provided an in-depth article on the topic. A fashion college professor, Amanda explains, "Fashion in the 1940s is so worth understanding as it’s perhaps one of the greatest optics through which to view the fortitude and resilience of the human spirit in times of duress . . . Female '40s fashion can be divided into four distinct camps—uniforms, workwear, utility clothing and Hollywood high fashion. To learn more about '40s fashion, please visit Amanda's Ultimate Fashion History YouTube Channel. I especially recommend her segments, History in Color: The 1940s; The Ultimate Fashion History: The 1940s; and Speaking of Fashion: The 1930s vs. the 1940s.

Rosie the Riveter Paper Dolls by Tom Tierney
Rosie the Riveter Paper Dolls by Tom Tierney
An icon of the 1940s, Rosie the Riveter was a fictional character created as part of the massive wartime propaganda campaign. But Rosie the Riveter became more than a symbol to the six million women hired to do traditionally male jobs. They proudly took on jobs as riveters, as well as welders, electricians, mechanics, boilermakers, crane operators, munitions makers, aircraft builders and more. They worked in factories, shipyards, foundries, steel mills and lumber mills, everywhere there were vital jobs to be done. Learn more about these amazing women in Paper Doll Studio Issue 125 as well as Tom Tierney's Rosie the Riveter paper doll book.

So if you are interested in 1940s fashion, classic stars, World War II history and paper dolls, please get Paper Doll Studio Issue 125! It's just $8 from To learn more about OPDAG (The Original Paper Doll Artists Guild) and our Paper Doll Studio magazine, visit

Paperdoll Review Issue 75

Paperdoll Review Magazine Issue 75

Paperdoll Review issue 75 - We've got another lovely edition with a little something for everyone! Marilyn Henry covers a wide range of subjects, from antique bride paper dolls to the Art Nouveau styles of Alphonse Mucha to happy froggie paper dolls. Lorna Currie Thomopoulos talks about her recent trip to the Czech Republic and shares some of her paper doll treasures representing fashions of Old Europe. 

Comic paper doll fans will enjoy Jane Alfano Rasor's piece on Millie the Model, a popular girl comic in the 1950s and '60s. Our newest contributor, Karen Kurtz provides a history of Whitman Publishing, valuable information for paper doll collectors. Our star spotlight is on Grace Kelly, with paper dolls and article courtesy of Lorna C. Thomopoulos, plus a full color 2-page paper doll by Eileen Rudisill Miller! We've got fun finds, nostalgic memories and paper doll party reports on our Reader's Page, plus new books, discoveries and more. All for just $7!!

This issue got a design boost from graphic artist Julie Allen Matthews. For most articles, Marilyn Henry does the initial layout, leaving the fine-tuning to me. This time I turned some of those tasks over to Julie and, using her vast collection of fonts, clip art and her own design esthetic, she gave our magazine a fresh, colorful look. Below are some before-and-after pages to get a sneak peek at our creative process.

Antique Bride Paper Dolls
Article on Antique Bridal paper dolls—initial design concept and final layout.
Froggie Paper Dolls
Julie found just the right font for our Froggie article, and we switched up the title graphic to a whimsical froggie couple by John Darcy Noble.
Paper Dolls of Old Europe
For Lorna's article about her trip to the Czech Republic, Julie created a colorful title design, adding a folksy design element.
Grace Kelly Paper Dolls
Julie chose a fancy font and gilded frame for our Grace Kelly article.