Thursday, February 26, 2009

David Wolfe Returns to Phyllis McGuire's Closet

David Wolfe (a popular artist in Paper Studio Press' growing stable of talents) told me about his trip to Las Vegas for the MAGIC fashion convention. While there, he met with Phyllis McGuire of the legendary McGuire Sisters singing trio. David and I first met Phyllis a few months ago to present her with the idea of becoming a subject for a new paper doll book. She agreed enthusiastically and now the project is moving along.

David told me about working with Miss McGuire's charming assistant, Sandy, and her fashion curator, Jan Rude. The reason she needs a curator is that Phyllis McGuire, one of the world's best dressed fashionistas, has an incredible collection of creations by famous designers, a collection that David said rivals many fashion museums. Galanos, Chanel, Pauline Trigere, Bob Mackie, Nolan Miller, Norman Norell, Bill Blass, Sophie of Saks, Pucci, Halston, and more! Many outfits are on display in the gigantic room that is really the star's huge bedroom. Phyllis herself moved to another room in her stunning home while the collection is being assembled and photographed.

David and Sandy first picked out photos to use as reference for the dolls that will appear in the book. That wasn't easy since there were hundreds of photos from which to choose. David, who is almost terminally star struck, was thrilled to see photos of Phyllis with so many great celebrities including Bob Hope, George Burns, Sophie Tucker, Dean Martin, Robert Goulet, Richard Nixon and the Queen of England! David wants the three dolls to represent three different looks . . . one from the 50s, another the 60s and the other, the 70s/80s.

Then came the difficult job of deciding which of the fantastic fashions to include in the paper doll book. David will eventually paint about 25 outfits for it, but he photographed many more for reference. He wants the clothes in the book to be as detailed and absolutely authentic as possible. Since Phyllis has been a star for decades, the finished book will cover her style as it evolved with fashion from the '50s when "Sugartime" and "Sincerely" were hits to more recent stunning glamour gowns.

Following the planning session at the star's home, David, Phyllis and Jan Rude went to dinner at a fabulous restaurant overlooking the famous Bellagio water show. Of course, many of us will be in Las Vegas later this year for the National Paper Doll Convention. If only Phyllis McGuire might be willing to attend, too!