Monday, November 16, 2009

Paper dolls enter the world of fashion

I'm very pleased to have been invited to be a featured speaker at the forthcoming "Heirloom" Conference to be held in New York City, December 4th and 5th.  Along with paper doll artist David Wolfe and vintage fashion expert Scott Jorgenson we will discuss "The Allure of Fashion Past."  David will talk about the growing importance and awareness of nostalgia in fashion.  Scott will discuss his 800-piece clothing collection and how he accumulated such a trove of fashion treasures.  And in my presentation I will reveal how my publishing company is reviving the interest in fashion and celebrity paper doll books.

This seminar is just one of many scheduled to take place during the annual two day conference organized by Initiatives in Art and Culture.  The conference, 11th in the yearly series, will also include lectures and presentations by experts and authorities on various heirloom subjects including pearls, watches, jewelry and textiles.  Several evening events are also planned.

The Heirloom Conference is open to the public and a very special discounted fee has been arranged. Please visit the website for more information and contact me directly for information about the special discount offer. It will be a fascinating conference for anyone interested in fashion and nostalgia.