Sunday, March 28, 2010

Paper dolls on NPR!

Tom Tierney's interview with NPR about paper dolls is available on NPR's Weekend Edition Website! Scroll half way down and click on the headline: "At 81, Artist Still Playing With Paper Dolls."

Congratulations to Tom! Shown here is Tom's new Rosie the Riveter paper doll for Paper Studio Press.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Paperdoll Review's Gone With the Wind Extravaganza Issue

Paperdoll Review Issue 47 is officially in the mail, so most subscribers should receive their issues by the end of March, 2010. This is a super spectacular issue with FOUR articles about Gone With the Wind including Ralph Hodgdon's personal account of Gone With the Wind costume designer, Walter Plunkett. Marilyn Henry provides a behind-the-scenes look of the movie, Linda Deitchman tells us about author Margaret Mitchell, and David Wolfe invites us to a Twelve Oaks BBQ with some fine recipes. For visual delights, we have a beautiful plantation scene on the cover by Darlene Jones and two full color paper dolls by Marilyn Henry and Ralph Hodgdon.

Also, Kathy Lawrence continues her story about her mother, famous paper doll artist, Queen Holden; and we have features on Hilda Miloche's Judy and Jim books and a look at Little Red Riding Hood Paper Dolls. In our Readers Page section, Barbara Ruiter shares special paper doll memories and Johana Gast Anderton offers more storage and archival tips. It's a super fabulous issue that our readers are sure to enjoy!