Monday, March 17, 2008

Paperdoll Review Issue 42 is under way

Marilyn Henry has done a marvelous job so far with the next issue of Paperdoll Review. I recently received her Quark document with the layouts for several of the articles. Our lead article, written by David Wolfe, features WWII era fashions and the many paper dolls representing that style. The whole issue is lovely, and Marilyn did a great job with the articles and layouts. Now comes my part of fine tuning the visuals and doing the filler pages such as Letters, Reader's Page, New Books, Ad Page, etc. I hope to get the issue to the printer sometime in the next couple of weeks, so we can have a mid-April mailing. I'll post again when the issue has gone to press. Shown here, a page from the 1944 Girlfriends paper doll featuring typical fashions of the day.


Rosa Stallard said...

I got my Paperdoll Review today and can't put it down. I have been looking for Girl Friends 1944 by Whitman for years. I did not remember the name of it but did remember one of the models was Bunny. I only had 2 paper doll books as a child. The other was Angel Babies which I have (repro). I am 75 years old and still love to cut out paper dolls which I do from time to time when I can print them off from the web.Thank you and thank you again for putting the
page in the magazine. How I would love to find the book. Of course the entire issue is wonderful-full of old friends.

Jenny said...

Good news! Paper Studio Press is planning to do a reproduction of the Girlfriends paper doll book sometime in 2009!