Saturday, July 5, 2008

New Logo for Paper Studio Press

I'm delighted to finally have an honest-to-goodness logo for my publishing house, Paper Studio Press. The design is courtesy of David Wolfe. While vacationing in Palm Springs, David cut the accordion of paper dolls, which was later scanned into Adobe Illustrator by our computer guru, Pierre Halé. Next Pierre, prepared a page of different logo ideas, each using the row of dolls but with different typestyles and layouts. Some of the designs were contained inside a frame, but I chose a logo with a more open format, giving me the opportunity to show the logo rather large on our letterhead. Although Pierre had some great font ideas, none of them seemed quite right. I didn't want anything too modern, as my product line is filled with nostalgic paper dolls. But I didn't want anything too decorative either. In the end, I found a font in my own font library and set it in place. So the final logo is a group creation and I'm very thankful to David and Pierre for all their help.

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