Sunday, October 25, 2009

Super cool, clever paper dolls!

Congratulations to Kwei-lin Lum on her first published paper doll book! Kwei-lin's has a wonderfully clever approach to her paper doll art, choosing subjects and designs that are surprising and unique. This is especially evident in her colorful Day of the Dead paper doll book, representing Mexico's celebration honoring the memory of the departed. The book provides two whimsical skeleton dolls and a colorful wardrobe of traditional costumes. My favorite part is the bonus sticker poster showing vignettes of skeletons doing a variety of everyday things like baking bread, repairing cars, selling tacos and even going to the spa. The book is available from Paperdoll Review, and you can see more examples of Kwei-lin's intriguing paper doll art on her flatdoll website.

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dee gold said...

congratulations to her.
I enjoyed drawing paperdolls when I was small.I might draw again cause I feel inspired seeing that even with the different dolls,paperdolls are here to stay