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Paper Dolls and Pop Culture

April 8, 2015. That was my last entry. Three years ago. Until today my blog was called Jenny's Paper Doll News (boring, right?). Who takes time to read blogs anymore? We’re all in insta-mode with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. One minute here, a few seconds there. Look, like and move on.

So why should I bother with a blog? Well, as a paper doll publisher, I'm representing an extremely unique slice of the world. What was once a primary pastime—a popular purchase at the Five and Dime, a regular feature in women’s and children’s magazines and the Sunday newspaper, a product sold in the millions every year—has virtually vanished. But I’m doing my best to revive and ignite the love of paper dolls through my mail order business,, my paper doll publishing company, and two magazines—Paperdoll Review, about older, collectible paper dolls and Paper Doll Studio, showcasing paper dolls created by artists of today.

Pop Culture Paper DollsWhy fire up my blog after a three year absence? Because I’m super excited about the new chapter in my paper doll life…

Pop Culture Paper Dolls.

Inspired by my love of All Things Pop Culture, I’m launching a new line of paper doll books which will cover all aspects of pop culture—from yesterday and today—including movies, TV, books, music, hobbies, fashion, celebrities, notable figures and other trendy topics. To add to the fun, we’ll include extras like a pop culture quiz, fab facts or a must-list.

Our fantastic artists are excited about the new direction and several projects are already in the works. David Wolfe shares the love of his favorite holiday in “Merry Movie Christmas,” Cory Jensen spotlights some of his favorite ladies in “Broadway Sensations,” Gregg Nystrom celebrates flame-haired beauties in “Retro Redheads,” Bruce Patrick Jones represents characters and costumes in “Jane Austen on Screen” and Brenda Sneathen Mattox is going sci-fi with “Retro Space Girls.” A huge thank-you to David Wolfe for designing our super fab logo, which will appear on the back cover of each book in the Pop Culture Paper Doll collection.

Merry Movie Christmas
David Wolfe's "Merry Movie Christmas" coming Fall 2018

Other titles we’re considering are:

Sweethearts of Song
Dynamite Divas
Award Winners
Legendary Leading Ladies
European Glamour Girls
Retro Runway
Hollywood Designers
Blonde Bombshells
Black Super Models
African-American Actresses
Retro TV
British TV
Eighties Icons
The Royal Watch
20th Century Styles
The London Look
Retro Bride
Dancing With Paper Dolls
Happy Campers
Kitchen Kitsch

Let me know if you have suggestions to add to the list. Several titles will come out in 2018 and we’ll keep ‘em coming! We’ll continue to produce paper dolls outside this line including “Ladies of the Titanic” by Norma Lu Meehan and Randy Bryan Bigham, “My Dolly and Me” by Eileen Rudisill Miller and “COUTURE: The Other Sixties” by Jim Howard. We can’t do this without you, the collectors, so I encourage you to visit and shop for paper dolls on

Stay tuned for previews, reviews and musings about paper dolls and pop culture!

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