Saturday, May 30, 2020

Quarantine Crafting with Paper Dolls, Coloring and Historic Fashions

Augusta Dresses Up, paper doll/coloring book by Bruce Patrick Jones.

Among my circle of friends, colleagues and customers, I have yet to find anyone who's been bored during the last few months of quarantine. I'm grateful to be connected with people who have such a wide variety of interests and talents. Several of my sewing friends have been making masks and donating them to the community. My book artist friend, Penny, completed an extraordinary greenhouse popup book which I'm sure will be accepted into a prestigious show. 

With extra time in her home studio, my bestie Bev Micucci decided it was time to put color to paper in her copy of Augusta Dresses Up by Bruce Patrick Jones, published in 2016 by my publishing company, Paper Studio Press (currently out of print). Once she was finished, she gave me a preview via facetime and I was so impressed I asked if I could show off her colored pages here.

This unique paper doll/coloring book represents 130 years of fashions from the Roddis Family Collection donated to The Henry Ford by Jane Bradbury, niece of Augusta Roddis, (on exhibition in 2016-2017). Learn more about the collection in the beautiful book, 
American Style and Spirit: Fashions and Lives of the Roddis Family 1850-1995, by Jane Bradbury and Edward Maeder, published by V&A Publishing, London in 2016. 

I'd love to see more paper doll endeavors from our paper doll community! Send me an email or find me on facebook. And be sure to visit for tons of paper doll, coloring and paper crafting fun!

For now, please enjoy the rest of Bruce's exquisite art and Bev's beautiful coloring...

Augusta's parents, Mr. & Mrs. Hamilton Roddis, clothes from the early to mid 20th century.

More clothes for the parents, three of their children, dress-up clothes for the kids.
Augusta's older twin sisters, fashions of the 20s, Catherine Prindle Roddis
Elegant dresses for Augusta, Brother Bill, Ellen Cecilia Roddis.
Sara and Mary dress in old family gowns from 1856 and 1908; classy styles from 1941, 1933 and 1945.

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