Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Paper doll paperwork

Now that Paperdoll Review Issue 42 is at the printer, I'm focusing on those to-do items I've been avoiding for weeks, and in some cases, months! In preparation for the four new books scheduled for August 2008, I've prepared new book forms and other marketing material for my distributor, Greenleaf Book Group. Another big project was to officially assign ISBN numbers to the book through Bowker, an online service for authors and publishers.

An even bigger project has been tackling the basement. To make space for future paper doll books, I cleared out a tall shelving unit filled with over-runs of full color paper doll inserts from OPDAG's Paper Doll Studio and Paperdoll Review covers. And what better way to get rid of the covers than give them to our customers! So while supplies last, we'll include a sampling of paper doll inserts and covers with each paper doll order.

Shown here, a lovely paper doll by Ralph Hodgdon for our hat-themed issue of Paper Doll Studio, summer 2002.

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