Friday, April 18, 2008

Tips on Living the Vintage Lifestyle

The 1940s brought us some of the most fabulous paper dolls, and now we can capture the glamour and style of that era with the help of Amanda Hallay's how-to videos on YouTube. To get that classic 1940s victory roll hairstyle, check out Amanda's 1940s Hair in Under 5 Minutes video. Once your hair is styled to perfection and you're dressed in your heavily shoulder-padded floral print dress you can learn to prepare a perfect cocktail in Amanda's 1940s Classic Cocktail in Under 1 Minute video.

Daughter of paper doll artist and fashion expert, David Wolfe, Amanda works in the fashion industry as an editor and forecaster. She also lectures on the topics of fashion and culture.

Shown here, Betty Grable with her signature victory roll hairstyle in the 1943 reproduction paper doll known as the Victory set.


Anonymous said...

Is there some text missing after the last word, "Amanda"?

Jenny said...

My text disappeared! Sorry about that. I just fixed it.