Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Paperdoll Review Issue 43 is at the Printer

Time sure does go by quickly between issues of the Paperdoll Review magazine. But for subscribers, it must seem like an eternity! There are just two of us (Marilyn Henry and myself) putting these issues together, so we do our best to put out a top-notch publication between our many other paper doll projects.

Marilyn went all out for Paperdoll Review Issue 43 with gorgeous cover art and a full color paper doll. David Wolfe provides a fantastic look at fashions of the 1960s with lots of great photos and paper doll examples. Also, Gina Bridges Clarke talks about her childhood paper doll memories of the 60s and 70s.

We have feature on Quirky Paper Dolls, ones with roll-around eyes, "real" hair, cling-on clothes and other unusual features. Our featured artist is Barbara Bradley who had a talent for drawing children for both the advertising and paper doll world. For Merrill Publishing, she illustrated several paper dolls including Heavenly Blue Wedding, B is for Betsy and Pink Prom Twins.

We also have a short biography of Suzy Parker, our In the Kitchen segment, The Readers Page (including the 2008 New Jersey Paper Doll Convention Report), New Book Reviews, and more!

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