Thursday, October 2, 2008

Paper Studio Press to produce a new Esther Williams Paper Doll featuring her movie clothes and swimwear!

We just signed an agreement to do a fabulous new paper doll of Hollywood's swimming sensation, Esther Williams. Her beauty an talent was showcased in more than 25 films during the 1940s and ‘50s, beginning with 1942's "Andy Hardy’s Double Life” with Micky Rooney, and continuing with the many "aqua-musicals" such as "Million Dollar Mermaid," "Dangerous When Wet" and "Jupiter's Darling." A boxed set of these films is available from

Whether dressed for performances in the pool or attending posh parties, Esther was a model of perfection for MGM's wardrobe department. Many of her memorable costumes will be featured in the new paper doll book, illustrated by famed artist Marilyn Henry, who also illustrated the Marilyn Monroe and Ginger Rogers paper doll books for Paper Studio Press.

Some of the swimwear costumes featured in our new paper doll book have been reproduced by Esther Williams' own swimwear company and are available at boutiques and on the Esther Williams Swimwear Website. We expect to have the new book, Esther Williams Movie Clothes and Swimwear Paper Dolls, ready for summer 2009.

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