Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A New Jane Powell Paper Doll to be Produced by Paper Studio Press

Celebrating the talented actress, singer and dancer, Paper Studio Press will produce a new paper doll book of Jane Powell featuring clothes from her musical movie roles including A Date With Judy, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Nancy Goes to Rio and Royal Wedding.

It was a delight to meet the lovely Jane Powell and her charming husband Dick Moore at the paper doll convention in New Jersey last August, and I'm so pleased to be working with them personally on this very special project. Illustrated by Marilyn Henry, we plan to have the book, Jane Powell in the Movies Paper Dolls, out by summer 2009. Shown here is the preliminary cover design.

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suzanne.artist said...

Hello, I used to belong to Paper Doll News and my subscription lapsed for a while-I'm so glad to be back!!

Jane Powell moved to my town of Westport CT later in life, and she was as pretty as and petite as she was in her earlier movies. If I recall correctly she lived with an actor who used to be in the Spanky and the Gang tv show!