Saturday, May 10, 2008

A New Doris Day Paper Doll in the Works

I've been working with Doris Day biographer, Pierre Patrick, to get permission to do a new Doris Day paper doll based on her TV series and movies. He's been in touch with the company who produces the Doris Day TV Show DVD sets and we're hoping to do a cross promotion. Pierre has been marvelous to work with and I hope we'll get things finalized soon! Shown here, Que Sera Sera, the Magic of Doris Day Through Television by Pierre Patrick and Garry McGee. It's filled with fabulous photos from her TV show. I hope to post again soon with more news about this exciting project. Meanwhile, our Doris Day reproduction paper doll has been selling so well that we had to do a second printing!

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I'm Toni said...

Jenny, my girl, HOW did I miss this very important info about you?? I am nutso about paperdolls! Secretly played with them even in college! Made my own outfits for the dolls, etc...

LOVE your blog! it's SK COOL!