Friday, May 23, 2008

Awesome New E-newsletter Service

I'm elated to announce that I've signed up with an Email marketing service so I can now send out decent looking newsletters on a regular basis. Prior to this, I was using my Microsoft email program, but there were many compatibility issues resulting in a lot of bounced messages. The new service, called Constant Contact, is perfect for small business needs. I can manage my list securely, prepare newsletters with easy-to-use, attractive templates, and they have a very strict policy on keeping spammers out of their service. This was a big concern of mine, as I didn't want to arbitrarily choose an email service that may not be reputable.

Last week I spoke to a web design person who is taking over a client's website. The topic of emailing clients came up and I asked if he had any recommendations for a service that can handle bulk e-mailing. And sure enough he did! The weird thing is, I had been trying to get out of doing my client's website for a year, and after all this time, they finally got a new webmaster. It was a fluke that the topic of e-newsletters came up, and I was able to get the information just when I needed it most.

If you want to join the mailing list, there's a box in the lower right section of this page. And if you're interested in using Constant Contact for your own e-newsletters, let me know and I can set you up with a referral and we can each get a $30 credit to our Constant Contact accounts. I love the service and would promote it anyway, but $30 is $30!

Shown here, In Our Back Yard, a super cute reproduction of Pelagie Doan's 1941 paper doll. This is one of our new folio format paper dolls, digitally restored by Judy M Johnson.

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