Saturday, May 24, 2008

New Betty Hutton Paper Doll in Progress

Her effervescent personality, quirky character roles and lovely singing voice makes Betty Hutton one of my most favorite 1940s stars, and I'm delighted to be publishing a new, glamorous paper doll of Betty.

Produced with permission from her estate, the paper doll book will feature movie clothes from Annie Get Your Gun, The Greatest Show on Earth, Let's Dance, The Stork Club and others.

Betty's exuberance is infectious and I can't help but be happy when I watch one of her movies. My mom, Judy M Johnson, is an even bigger Betty Hutton fan, and is especially pleased to be illustrating this special, commemorative paper doll.

Published through Paper Studio Press, the books will be available sometime in November or December 2008. We're not ready to take advance orders yet, but as soon as we are I'll add the product information to the Paperdoll Review website.

Meanwhile, here is a sneak preview of the artwork. This is a preliminary back cover, showing the pretty Betty doll dressed in a costume from Annie Get Your Gun along with a pretty gown from Here Come the Waves.


karen said...

Fabulous. I discovered Betty Hutton on TCM. Then caught her singing the
song "Murder He Said" on Youtube. She was dynamite wasn't she? Is this the only paperdoll ever done of her?

Jenny said...

I hadn't thought of looking for Betty Hutton video clips on Youtube... that must be fun! A paper doll was published in 1951 by Whitman called "Betty Hutton and her Girls." It's rather hard to find, but comes up occasionally on eBay. The dolls don't have a good likeness, but the clothing pages are nicely illustrated. The paper doll we're doing will be much more of a glamour book, celebrating her movie roles and fashions.